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Jim LaCourse Of Yacht Shop Creations

Jim LaCourse has been in the Marine Carpentry business for over 28 years. In this time he has developed the skill set and knowledge most carpenters can only dream of acquiring.

His work and commitment to the industry has stood him on the forefront of the Yacht Carpentry here in South Florida and as well as the online community. With over 100 Video's on YouTube alone his work has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Equipped with skills ranging from Carpentry & Welding to Fabrication & Finishing, he is a master of many techniques and capable of handling any project he is committed to. Jim has worked on items ranging from complete Yacht Refits to Custom Cafe Racer Motorcycles and now on his latest project, a complete Ambulance to RV Conversion.

His business named Yacht Shop Creations can be found in the Marine District of Fort Lauderdale Florida, with a well equipped shop and dedicated staff to ensure that your project gets the attention it needs.

Yacht Shop Creations

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