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Re-branding Yacht Shop Creations

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

In this post we discuss several of the changes that have been made to create what you now can see as Yacht Shop Creations.

Formerly DeBergerac Design

As for many of you whom have found us through our YouTube channel you may have noticed that we were formerly known as The DeBergerac Design Channel. And as of January 1st 2019 we as a business have been re-branded as Yacht Shop Creations.

Why the change?

Jim has long established his skills as a carpenter and business owner down in South Florida over the last 20 years. And at the end of 2018 Jim and his former business partner parted ways, thus ending what was DeBergerac Design.

Whats next?

Now Jim as well as the crew at Yacht Shop Creations are moving forward with the new Business! With shop renovations and content re-branding happening over this year, You can very much look forward to to seeing even more of Jim and the projects that are going on in the shop and on the vessels down here in beautiful South Florida!

With new ideas for content in the near future we plan on bringing you such things as weekly Blog posts here on our website, as well as videos on the YouTube channel, Instagram videos, Live streams behind the scenes content and Much More!

Where to find the content!

As per usual you can find us on the Yacht Shop Creations YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter and now this blog on our website!

Make Something Cool!

Instagram - @YachtShopCreations

Twitter - @YachtCreations

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